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Adventure Travel Resources

Arc'Teryx Backpack

We have put together the absolute best packing lists for the adventure traveler. With our lists you can be packed and ready to go in no time flat. Check it out!

Phone Apps for Travel

Let us show you how to get the most out of your travels with essential apps that will enhance your travel experience.

Money Logo

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to manage money for extended travel. We’ve got the answers for you!

Popular Adventure Travel Posts

Volcano Boarding on Cerro Negro in Nicaragua

Join me as I sled down an active volcano at 45 mph on an unthinkable adventure that one must see to believe!

Nomad Dave in Machu Picchu, Peru

There are few hikes in the world more famous than the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. This 5-day trek is one of the greatest physical challenges I have ever had.

Nomad Dave Kayaking in the Antarctic

Visiting Antarctica is amazing in its own right. But kayaking in the Antarctic is out of this world.

Motorcycle Travel

ManicNomads on the Pamir Highway

Boy do we have stories! Check out our motorcycle adventures and get a great feel for what it is like traveling the world by motorcycle.

Worldwide Route Maps

Are you curious about motorcycle routes in countries and regions around the world? Checkout the exact roads we traveled. It might be your next adventure!

Fully loaded Triumph Explorer XC for Adventure Traveler

We learned from trial and error and by the end of 3 years we have it down pat. Let us show you the ropes.

SCUBA Diving Posts

Bull Shark in Beqa, Fiji

If you are an adrenaline junkie then this is a story you won’t want to miss about coming face-to-face with the most feared creatures on Earth.

SS President Coolidge being evacuated

The S.S. President Coolidge is considered one of the best if not the best WWII wreck dive in the world. Let me take you inside!

Back roll entry SCUBA diving

I take you on a SCUBA diving tour of the Solomon Islands; home to awesome WWII wreck dives.

Who Are the Manic Nomads

Manic Nomads in Norway in front of a waterfall

Two best friends that both love travel, adventure, and motorcycles.  We took our shared passions and formed the Manic Nomads.

Nomad Dave on his motorcycle in a river

I am Dave and have always had a love for travel. I kicked it into high gear in 2014 by setting a goal of visiting every country in the world.

Nomad Roy on his motorcycle in a river

I am Roy and as a teacher I have always loved to inspire others.  In traveling the world and sharing my stories I hope to inspire others to travel and learn about the world we live in.